Welcome to The Hill-Top Hideaway.  The luscious piece of land sits high above the calm blue waters of Stony Lake in New Era, Michigan. Great time and passion has been put into making a relaxing hideaway to rejuvenate the soul and recreate the mind and body.  We are constantly working hard to keep our little cottage well maintained and pleasant to the eye. Keep in mind The Hill-Top Hideaway is a four-season cottage and can be used not only to enjoy summer activities, but also Fall Deer and Upland Game Hunting, Winter Snowmobiling and Spring Turkey Hunting.  No matter the season or the desired activity, The Hill-Top Hideaway has the amenities and conveniences necessary for any friendly gathering.  We hope you find this little get-away exactly what you and your family are looking for in planning your next family vacation together.  If you have any inqueries about coming to visit our hideaway, please, do not hesitate to drop us an email info@thehilltophideaway.com.  Thank you for your interest in the hilltop hideaway!
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